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Pet names:
Mimi... . It looks like all cats are called "Mimi"; all dogs are "Bow-wow", or named by their colors, such as "Snowball", "Smoky" ...or whatever. Frilled Dragon (a kind of lizard with frills on its neck)… The fur around her neck stands up while she's wearing a collar. Beauty... Mimi is the prettiest girl in the universe. King Lion… Five-meow... She knows how to count her five babies by giving us 5 meows. Princess…. This is what we called her before she had babies. She and her husband Rambo are co-named "Princess Maker". Almighty Queen…After having babies, Mimi became bad tampered, and got the so-called “postnatal depression”. All cats ( even we) are afraid of her. Polar Bear… When Mimi and Rambo had fights , she would yell at him by standing up on her hind legs.( Imagine the polar bear.) She did so to protect her owner, too.

Unusual behaviors:
Mimi has an idiosyncrasy - In stead of going to her litter box, she prefers to stay at my computer. She'll rub her bottom on my exclusive Wacom,...and then... on the board, comes out a long long...!?
Mimi Tsai

breed : Chinchilla
sex : ♀
color : Silver white


...Rambo meows in a very unique way ..."yao~yao~yao..." (Try it as a nasal sound)
Pet names:
"Blue Bugaboo", "Stinky Boo", "Farting Boo", "Big-foot Boo", "Dreaming Boo", The (princess) Maker". "Super Dry Cat", "Easy-to-wash Cat" ... etc.
Rambo is so cool that he’ll lift his arms (the forelegs) to let you wash his armpits. He will do what you ask him to do when you bathe him, making showering an easy job. For example, you can let him stand up, or raise the legs, sort of things. Rambo would win a prize for that if he runs a contest.

Unusual behaviors:
He, Rambo, whirls around the house with a piece of stool behind him.

Rambo Liu
Breed : Persian
sex :
color : blue
It is true! This cat exactly has blue fur.

Pet names:
"Bobo", "Bobo King-blue","Blues Bo","Little Crab","Twister","Trolley"
"Pharaoh"...He has an old-pharaoh hairstyle.
"Small Tank"...He acted like that when playing with the kitty teaser.
"Peeing boy"...He peed everywhere in the house.
"Tyrant"...He owned a place that no one could ever touch it or get near to.
"The Combatant"...The teasers drove him crazy, anytime, anywhere. He's always ready to fight with them.
"Crocodile"...It's really "crocodile-like"when Bobo fell flat with his jaw on the ground. (That's his favorite posture.)

Unusual behaviors:
Bobo talks. When he saw you are eating, he would come to you immediately, yelling out : "Wu...yao...meow', which sounded very much like "I want it !" in Chinese expression. "我(鳴)...要(喵)嘛!" He would say "Bu...yao..." when you bathed him, which means" No!..." If you took him to the veterinarian for a shot, he would surprisingly say:"Help me ! Mama... ! "("Ma~Ma...jou...ming... !")
Bobo loved to be noticed and cared about. He purred pleasantly when we are eye to eye with each other. You could fish out a mass of yarns or hairs from his stomach only by a piece of thread that he had swallowed.

Bobo is my favorite kitten. His foreleg was injured by an accident when he was given birth before long. Maybe that’s why we met our minds so much with each other. He had the most expressions on his face. Even the veterinarian said Bobo's eyes are talking!
When Bobo meowed like "Yao..." or "Bu...yao", I do believe that he really meant it. He tried to talk to me, with his own special voices.

Bobo Tsai

Birthday : Oct. 14
Deathday : Dec. 6
Breed :Chinchilla & Persian
Sex : ♂
Color : blue

  Pet names:
"Lu Meimei", "Tigress Mei"... Only the hospital nurses called her like that.
"Big head Mei"... Mei's head was pretty big when she's a kitten. She used to lurch around like a drunk man. "Short-leg Mei' ...She's so short, but so cute! "Beauty,..Belle"... Yeah ~ she is really a babe. "Blossom", "Snail'... This is her sleeping posture. "Alien"... (see cat gallery, picture No.41in MORE CATS). "Bag-follow Cat"

Unusual behaviors:
As soon as you are coming toward, Lu-mei will quickly turn the belly up hoping you to rub her silky hair and pet her. The pair of enchanting eyes are so irresistible that always keep you and make you late for work. When you are doing your draft, she comes and sits on the paper, and slips! When you are keying in something, she rolls back and forth on purpose in front of you, blocks your computer screen, trying to attract your attention. She won’t quit until you stop your job and play awhile with her. When I am working on the deadline, she becomes a good company. She stays with me, rubs my face, cheers me up. Besides, she is so good at walking round the keyboard without stepping onto it. Lu-mei is such a clever girl. She knows how to open my drawer and dig out the cotton buds. She even restarted my computer by sitting herself on the Ctrl+Alt+Del ! Her litterbox -- you can see Lu-mei's outstanding work : a string of "pearls" out of a long hair she had swallowed. Her favorite posture : sitting comfortably with her belly button upward. (See cat gallery, picture No.42,43 in MORE CATS)
Tiger Tsai
Birthday : Oct.14
Breed : Chinchilla Persian
Sex : ♀
Color : Tabby silver white
  Pet names:
"Lu Gue-gue"... "Jungle Emperor Leo"... He looks as proud as Leo in"Jungle Emperor Leo" when standing high. (one of the famous Japanese animated film by Tezuka Osamu.) ---This heroic position won’t last long, however.
'Handsome". "Fatty". "Clumsy". "Plump Cheeks". "Chubby". "Totoro". "Piggy". 'Stupid". 'Shilly-shally". "Swelling mouth and big bum cat","Catfish cat"... His lips swell up every time when eating something wrong. "Silver ingot cat"...The sight of Lu-gue’s back is just like a silver ingot, a kind of Chinese ancient money, "Don’t you eat leaves!"

Unusual behaviors:
When Lu-gue is a kitten, he woke up and drank water at the midnight, then fell asleep again ~ with his head into the water bowl. He is a heavyweight massagist. You may experience it personally when he runs over you. He usually drives himself over speed, and only hits the break when he needs a turn. But, the consequence is: can’t stop himself circling, and slips badly! His tail is quite big! It looks like a cat walks with another kitty hanging behind. Lu-gue is addicted to sleep. He would sleep 25 hours a day (if there was) ! He also snores and waters! He robs your dinner out of your mouth. Wherever you are sneaking something to eat, he always catches you! Lu-gue likes to play with shoes, especially the visitor’s. He paws and sleeps on them. Sometimes he even lies prone on the visitor’s feet trying to hold them stay. If he eats a piece of plastic paper, later you will find a wrapped “candy” in the litterbox.
Mimi-J Tsai
Birthday : Oct.14
Breed : Chinchilla Persian
Sex :

Color : Tabby silver white