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Dream, the blood   Life, the flesh
Of being shall I all receive

Lyrics in past  Words from future
Fulfill my inside the emptiness






This image film does not play very smoothly over the screen here because of the huge file size although I've already shortened it by 5 frames a second.
You may click here for an original
Pieces of Dream


Original formDVCAM

Song wrtter賴晉愷

Music studio
Aviec Hsia multi-media studio


There are always amazing scenes in my dreams, with colors and wonders. I try to capture those images and present them through art works. Therefore, they became the spirits shown in my graphic arts in the early years.
Chinese Painting on handscroll was one of my specialities.
Now I make animated shorts, not only to express the same ideas but also bring them alive, which is impossible in Plains Art.

I've been making image films as a job for years. For me, each animation I've made is my “pieces of dream”. However, this “PIECES OF DREAM” , finally accomplished lately , truly revealed me. It's a personal work. There was no deadline pressure; no push from the clients. - and it felt so great!

During that time, I concentrated working on my “DREAM” without taking any new cases. I need neither script nor racking the brains for inspirations. Cause “she” is right there inside me, eager to come out. This work, still, is only a flash back paragraph. Some other day I will put every paragraph all together, to complete my dream - at least the best parts!

I have another dream.
I want to build an animated film based on Shan Hai Classic - a book on ancient Chinese geography. It might take me at least 3-years work. At present, I have to raise funds for it. This is a long-term task, I am going to fulfill it though, piece by piece. Sooner or later, I believe, the dream will come true.